Failing to Inquire of God

12178-dusty-bible-lets-talk-ls.1200w.tnIn 1 Chronicles chapters 13-15 the Chronicler tells of David’s first attempt to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem.  Uzzah dies in this attempt.

Absent from this story are the words “David inquired of the Lord.”

In the battles we are told that David inquired of the Lord and he succeeded in the battles and his fame grew and other nations became scared of him.  But when David tried to move the Ark, he did not inquire of the Lord he met with complete failure.  When David attempts to bring the Ark to Jerusalem a second time, this time he inquries of God and the Ark is brought properly and successfully to Jerusalem.

A little earlier in 1 Chronicles we read that Saul did not inquire of the Lord (Chapter 10) and that he died because of it and his kingdom was replaced with David’s. I think the Chronicler is telling us something here, about our need to inquire of the Lord first, before we take action.

David was a man after God’s own heart, yet because he did not inquire of God and listen to the instructions he needed to hear about moving the Ark, he failed and Uzzah was killed.  Can we do something that is right and God honouring, yet it not be blessed by God?

Is this why we struggle at times, even though we know we are doing something God honouring? Is this why it sometime seems so hard to follow what we know God wants us to do.

Is there something God honouring and right in my life or your life that is a struggle? Maybe its because I haven’t inquired of God before we acting?

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