Failing to Inquire of God…continued

I’ve been thinking some more about my post on 1 Chronicles 13-15 and inquiring of God. In these passages David inquired of God and succeeded, a couple chapters earlier, we are told Saul didn’t and failed.

As a teenager I was pretty bad at not asking permission for things before I did them. Ask my mom or dad how many times I used the car or truck without getting their blessing first. Or how I’d only give them half the info when I did happen to ask. As I got older, I didn’t get any wiser. My wife has been upset with me over the years because I commit us to something before I ask her.

Why is this a problem? Why did my parents and then my wife get upset with me when I didn’t ask or inquire of them?

What’s the big thing with inquiring?

Here’s what I’ve come to conclude, having to inquire before I act puts me in my place it…

  • Reminds me that I’m not doing this life on my own. I am in relationship with my wife, and I need to ask her what she thinks, out of love and respect, before I invite over guests. I am also in relationship with the God of the Universe, I need to honour Him with respect before I act. Inquiring first, shows that I love and respect those I am in relationship with.
  • Reminds me that I don’t know everything. I do not possess all of the knowledge and wisdom necessary to navigate through life on my own. My parents knew more than me as a teenager. My wife often knows more than I do, or has a different perspective than I do. When I don’t inquire I tend to make mistakes or don’t handle things in the best way. Basically, I need help. Inquiring before I act reminds me that I am not God and I need to ask God for his wisdom and knowledge. The God of the Universe, the beginning and the end, knows infinitely more than I will ever know. Having to inquire reminds me of this.
  • And reminds me to keep in step with God. It focuses me on seeking his will for me. It makes he seek after his heart and discover if what I am pursuing is truly of Him.

So, like David, I will choose to inquire of God before I act.

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