A new way to see Jesus

IMG_1693A friend of mine, Tim Bergmann, recently released a video called “A Long Walk to the Cross” in which he recites the Gospel of Mark.

Shot on location around Drumheller, Alberta and at the site of the Badlands Passion Play the stunning scenery and beautiful cinematography combine with the words of Mark to create a unique way to engage with God’s word.  If you’ve never read the Gospel of Mark, this recitation will bring the story of Jesus to life in a way that is compelling.  And even if you have read the Gospel of Mark many times, this video will help you see and hear Jesus in a new way.

The first time I watched “A Long Walk to the Cross” I put it on while I was doing some other work, figuring I could just listen and look up occasionally.  I quickly found myself mesmerized, watching intently, listening to words like I’d never heard them before, and putting aside my work to engage in prayer and worship of my Lord and Saviour.  “A Long Walk to the Cross” was so compelling that I could not turn it off.

Tim’s video is available for purchase on his website as a digital download or a DVD, I’d encourage you to check it out and even watch it with your family.  Why not see and experience Jesus in a new way this Easter.

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