Safety Net

Liam (age 7) and Emma (age 6)
Liam (age 7) and Emma (age 6)

The following is something I wrote years ago, when my kids were young.  I came across it recently and thought I’d share it with you, its just as relevant today as it was back then.


I spent yesterday afternoon putting together a net for the trampoline my brother sent from Regina for my kids. We put the trampoline together on Friday, it’s a 14′ trampoline that my parents bought over ten years ago when my little brother was actually little. It was passed to my big brother for his kids (who are now grown) and now has been passed to me for my kids.

My kids love it, they bounced for 4 hours on Friday night after it was set up. Then went to bed and slept like a log. 8 a.m. the next morning they were wanting to go on it again. Gotta love that dedication.

Because its over 10 years old it never had a net. So we had to go and find one. In the end we modified a net for another 14′ trampoline and got it up. My son Liam got in there after the net was constructed and started bouncing. One of the first things he said was, “this is much better.”

Liam loved bouncing on the trampoline before we put the net up, but he loved it even more once the net was up. The net means safety and boundaries.  He doesn’t have to worry about bouncing off inadvertently. I think this much like the role parents are supposed to play in their kids life. As parents we are supposed to set boundaries, be a safety net as it were around our kids. I’ve spoken with some parents who just let their kids do whatever, figuring that they’ll learn on their own from ‘experience’. That’s not the way its meant to be.

Proverbs admonishes us repeatedly to teach and train our children. These boundaries, rules, whatever you want to call it will be a garland around their neck, Proverbs says in 1:8-9.? The teachings we give by establishing the do’s and don’ts in life will cause our child to not stray from the right paths we are told in Proverbs 22:3.

Structure, boundaries, teachings in right living…a safety net…kid’s need and it and it’s our duty as parents to provide it.


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