The Heart of Human Pride

A number of years ago I read the following quote from “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.”  Given that we are discussing pride this week in our groups as part of our Set Free series at Living Hope, I thought I’d share it.

This is Ajith Fernando…

“Most people would like to save themselves…The message of the cross cuts at the heart of human pride, which is the essence of sin.  Adam and Eve’s sin was that they wanted to save themselves, independent of God.  They did not want to be dependent on a Supreme God for salvation or for anything else.  People like to think that they are saving themselves.  It makes them feel good and helps to temporarily still the voice of insecurity and emptiness that is theirs because they are separated from their maker.” (p. 175 of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement)

Are you trying to save yourself? Trying to earn your salvation by being the best, by trying to earn acclaim from those around you?  I struggle with this everyday, but Fernando is right, its about pride and not trusting that who I am is completely ok with God and that I am truly loved just as I am by Him.

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