Who are you like?

I was reading the first three chapters of 1 Samuel and the following thoughts came to mind as I read the story of Hannah, Eli’s sons and young Samuel.

In 1 Samuel 1, Hannah has a heart for God and God gives her a child.  She prays earnestly and not publicly, not seeking attention.  And Eli criticizes her for being drunk.  But really she is just so intent on talking to God she ignores everyone else around her.  Her heart is truly devoted to God.  1 Samuel 2, Hannah’s song shows her devotion to God

1 Samuel 2, Eli`s sons are not committed to God.  They are in the religion business and seeking self gratification.  Their hearts are no where near God and God rejects them and says he will punish them.

In 1 Samuel 3, Samuel is sleeping next to the Ark of the Covenant, he was sleeping close to God.  His heart was so much like God’s that he heard God`s voice even though it wasn’t common to do so .  Chapter 3 says that The Lord was with Samuel as he grew up.  Samuel’s heart was turned to God.

The question that came to mind as I read these chapters is “Who am I like?”  God seeks a heart that is wholly devoted to him.  That is the heart of a person he can use.  Anything less, is not acceptable; anything less and I risk being rejected by God.

My prayer after reading 1 Samuel 1-3 is “Oh God, with all my heart I long to be yours.  Search my heart, if there is anything in it that compromises my devotion, my whole-heartedness to you, please show me, so I can surrender it to you.  Amen.”  May this be your prayer too as you consider who you are like.

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