Dealing with Betrayal

betrayalA friend of mine once said, “No one understands betrayal more than Jesus and it is Him who we need to lean into and find help and healing from.”  As I ponder this statement and think about my response to betrayal here’s what comes to mind.

Jesus knew what betrayal was. Betrayed by one of 12 people who he lived with day in and day out for three years (Judas). Betrayed by one of his best friends, not once but three times (Peter). Beaten and killed by the very people he came to help. Jesus knows what betrayal is like.

When I’m betrayed I want to lash out, I get angry, but that wasn’t Jesus’ response. There is something to be learned from how Jesus responded to betrayal. But more than that there is something to receive when we lean on to Jesus in the midst of being betrayed.

Jesus knows what its like to be betrayed, more than anyone else he can identify with us and how we feel. And more than anyone he wants to help us heal and to be able to offer forgiveness to the betrayer.

It’s not easy being betrayed, it hurts incredibly, especially when it is someone you thought cared for you. But there is someone who truly cares and loves you and wants to help you journey through the betrayal.

Lean into Jesus today, it still won’t be easy or fun, but He will help you through it and bring healing to the wound you carry.

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