Leadership Truths

Leadership TruthsI love to learn about leadership and am constantly looking and studying in order to make myself a better leader.  Recently I read something written by Perry Noble, pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. In the post Noble listed 10 random thoughts about leadership and this list really resonated with me.  The entire list is definitely worth reading and thinking about, but here are the four thoughts that really impacted me.

The first two of Noble’s thoughts that resonated with me were on leading people…

“#2 – A leader should care way more about HOW people are doing rather than HOW they are doing their work.  (The leader that doesn’t care about the people he serves with is most likely using them for his glory, not God’s!)”

“#10 – The people God has placed to lead with you should be listened to and valued; after all, God speaks to them too!”

As a church leader it’s easy to get an ego and think that God has put you in charge for a reason.  God has put you in charge for a reason, but when we forget what Noble said then we aren’t accomplishing God’s purpose and we aren’t following Jesus’ model of leadership.  Instead God’s mission begins to be about our us, and we begin to treat people as resources and servants rather than partners and fellow labourers.  Christ taught and modelled servant leadership, when we forget these two truths we aren’t being a servant leader.

The other two thoughts that Noble wrote that really stood out to me are on leading in the right direction…

“#4 – If there isn’t a system to see what you want to see happen on a consistent basis…then it probably isn’t going to happen on a consistent basis.”

“#6 – Getting a clearer vision of JESUS is essential to having a clearer vision for our church…we can’t be like Him if we don’t know Him.”

It’s important to know where you are going, to know that you are going the right direction and it’s important to make sure you are indeed getting there.  In the church our goals often fail because they are going after the wrong thing (not what Jesus wants) and because we fail to track our progress towards them.  That’s what Noble is saying here and something I’ve learned and strongly believe in.  When we set our eyes and goals on Jesus and plan and track accordingly, there is no limit to what Jesus can do through us!

What truths have you learned about leadership as you’ve lead?

Check out Noble’s blog at PerryNoble.com

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