A Great Way to Grow Your Prayer Life

power praying coverOne of the areas that I’ve identified as an area where I want to grow as a disciple of Jesus is my prayer life. A tool that has helped me to grow in prayer is David Chotka’s book Power Praying:  Hearing Jesus’ Spirit by Praying Jesus’ Prayer.

Using the Lord’s Prayer as a framework, Chotka takes us on an a exploration of prayer in the Bible.  Many of us know the Lord’s Prayer off by heart and we often recite it by rote, with little or no meaning.  By focusing on this prayer we know so well and teaching about how Jesus’ disciples and the 1st Centruy Christian interpreted Jesus’ prayer based on their cultural perspective, Chotka helps us see and hear Jesus’ heart, and Chotka helps us understand the importance of prayer in the life of Christ-follower.

The content of the book is divided into daily readings with questions and a prayer exercise at the end of each day’s reading.   The questions are thought provoking and the exercises encourage you to put into practice what you learned that day.  Reading the daily reading and taking time to prayer will take you about  30 to 45 minutes a day, depnding on how quick you read.

The section on praying God’s will be done in your life, is worth the price of the book alone.  After reading one chapter in this section in particular, I grabbed by oldest daughter (who was in the midst of applying for college) and had her read the chapter I’d just finished.  This type of response wasn’t a one off experience for me.  I was regularly challenged and I found myself becoming increasingly more engaged in prayer and truly heard Jesus’ Spirit as I reflected and Jesus’ prayer.

Chotka has helped me see prayer in a whole new light and grow in my relationship with Jesus.  If you are discontent with your prayer life or you’d just like learn more about how Jesus prayed, I’d recommend picking up Chotka’s book.  It’s a tool I’ve come back to many time over the years that I’ve owned it.

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