Road Trips and Next Level Leadership

Do like road trips?  Have you been on any road trips this summer?

Like many of you this summer I’m heading out on a road trip this week.  In our family we have a tradition that when one of our kids turn 16 they get to go on a trip with either mom or dad.  My oldest went to New York with Britton where they took in as many Broadway plays as they could, because that’s what Alix is into (today she’s a professional Actor).

This past year my son Liam turned sixteen and this week we are driving to Chicago, Illinois.  We’ll be taking in the sights and going to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, but there’s a greater reason why Chicago is our destination.  While we are in Chicago, Liam and I will be visiting Willow Creek Community Church where we will be attending the Global Leadership Summit

If you’ve been around Living Hope this spring you’ve likely heard talk about the Global Leadership Summit (GLS).  The GLS is a 2-day leadership conference featuring world class speakers like Patrick Lencioni, Melinda Gates, Alan Mulally, Danielle Strickland, John C. Maxwell and many more (visit our website to find out about all the speakers).  The GLS is recorded every August at Willow Creek and then broadcast to sites across Canada in October, including right here at Living Hope.

 It may seem strange to be taking a sixteen-year-old to a leadership conference, but Liam is actually really excited to go.  There are two reasons why Liam and I are taking this road trip this week.

First, because we are both leaders.  At 16, Liam is a leader.  Liam leads his peers, he leads as a kids church leader, he leads at Dallas Valley Ranch Camp where he’s been working all summer and this fall he’ll be part of the Student Leadership Council at his high school.  And me, well I lead at home, with the group of guys that I disciple and as a pastor.  Leadership has no age limit and doesn’t require a title.  We are both leaders and Liam and I want to take our leadership to the next level. 

The second reason we are going to the GLS is so Liam and I can tell you about our experience and encourage you to take part in GLS in October.  We’ll be tweeting and posting our thoughts while we are away, so you can get a taste of what the GLS at Living Hope will be like.  You can follow our experience at GLS on twitter at @kirkcowman and @livinghopeyqr

On October 20 and 21 you too can take your leadership to the next level and you won’t have to take an 18 hour road trip like Liam and me to do it.  I hope you are already planning to take advantage of this opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Summit at Living Hope.  If you aren’t sure, I hope Liam and my experience will help you see why you should be a part of the GLS this year.   

Tickets to the Global Leadership Summit are available to you as part of Living Hope at the early bird price of $99 (for those outside of Living Hope its $189).   Where else can you get 2 days of leadership training for $99?  The early bird price will expire soon and the price will go up $119 on August 23rd.  Be sure to buy your tickets before the early bird discount expires.   You can buy your tickets online

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