Ten years with the Global Leadership Summit

Ten years ago I was introduced to the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) for the first time. The GLS is a world-class two day leadership event featuring business and non-profit leaders. The whole purpose of the GLS is to help you and me take our leadership to the next level.

The church I worked for ten years ago would take a group of 80+ people every year (staff and volunteers) to the GLS. The church had been doing this for years before I came a long and they believed in the GLS so strongly that they would subsidize the $189 price for their people.

Following the GLS, as a leadership team we would go away on a retreat to discuss what we’d learned and heard God whispering to us about. The initiatives that God birthed out of the GLS in us, changed the shape and nature of that church and greatly increased their Kingdom impact.

From the first session ten years ago I was hooked. GLS quickly became a highlight of my year. Even when I couldn’t go, I’d purchase the DVDs and watch them. The GLS has been a key part of my leadership development over the last decade. I still remember those lessons I learned that first time.  From how to hire the right person to the need to find margin in my life, from the problem of extreme poverty to dealing with conflict, those lessons still impact the way I lead and live every single day.

GLS-Kirk and LiamThis week I’m introducing my son Liam to the GLS for the first time. I’m excited to watch him as he learns from world class leaders. I can’t wait to talk with him about the things that stick out to him from their talks. I’m looking forward to hearing the leadership lessons that God is whispering to him and hearing how he is going to apply those lessons to the areas where he leads. I’m praying that the GLS will impact Liam in the same way that it impacted me that first time.

In a couple of months we’ll be hosting the GLS at Living Hope. You too can be impacted by the GLS, just as Liam and I will be this week. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn and grow. Tickets are on sale now, but the early bird discount expires soon. Register at mylivinghope.ca/GLS before August 23rd for the best price

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