What to expect on day one of the Global Leadership Summit

This fall we are bring The Global Leadership Summit to Living Hope.  The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a two day leadership conference featuring world-class speakers from corporate, academic and non-profit organizations.  On October 20 and 21, you are invited to join us for a leadership event that will help you take your leadership to the next level.

The GLS is recorded every August in Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago and then aired in hundreds of locations around the world.  My son Liam and I had the opportunity to be a part of the studio audience for this years recording.  It was a great experience that gave us lots to talk about and is helping us grow as leaders.

GLS-StageIf you aren’t familiar with the GLS, here’s what you can expect on the first day.

The day will kick off with talk by Bill Hybels about the lenses of leadership.  Using four different types of sunglasses, Hybels will explore four ways that leaders see or need to see their world.  As a starting point for the day Hybels will have you evaluating your leadership style and what you may need to work on over the next two days.

Second up is Alan Mullaly the former CEO of Ford and before Ford he was the Executive Vice President of Boeing.  Mulally will speak about the disciples of leadership that he learned at Boeing and then in a humorous and humble way share his story of bringing those disciplines to Ford in the last decade.  Credited with turning Ford around and leading them successfully through the financial crisis that hit the automotive industry in the last decade, there is a lot to learn from Mulally.  (This was my favorite session of the day.)

The morning will wrap up with Bill Hybels interviewing Melinda Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  The interview will explore the motivation behind Bill & Melinda Gates decision to give away their fortune and then delve into the social issues the Gates Foundation is seeking to address.

The afternoon will kick off with Jossy Chacko of Empart, a non-profit seeking to transform 100,000 communities.  Chacko will inspire you to use the gifts, talents and passions that God has given you to transform the world.  “God gives us the starting point, where we end up will be determined by what we do with it,” says Chacko who will then give you practice ways that you can embrace what God has put inside you.

Mid afternoon will feature Dr. Travis Bradberry speaking about Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  According to Bradberry, EQ is the greatest predictor of success.  EQ is not the same as IQ and it’s not your personalility.  Where IQ is set by age 15, EQ can change and increase thereby increasing the possibility of your future success.  Bradberry will clearly and simply explain what EQ, making a business case for focusing on EQ and then he will give practical ways that you can increase your EQ.

Wrapping up the day will be author and leadership consultant Patrick Lencioni.  Speaking from his latest book, The Ideal Team Member, Lencioni will discuss the three virtues that need to be found in team members if that team is to thrive.  If you lead teams or are responsible for putting teams together (hiring, supervising, etc.) you won’t want to miss this session.

I found day one to be an incredible experience with an great list of take aways from the day, I learned something from every speaker.  The variety of speakers and topics is sure to connect with everyone.  Even if you don’t like one speaker, just wait for the next, there’s sure to be something that will help you take your leadership to the next level.  The best part is, this post just describes day one and there is another whole day of world-class speakers to come.

Tickets are on sale now for The Global Leadership Summit at Living Hope.  The best rates are available now, especially if you are a part of Living Hope.  There are special rates available for students, teams and small churches.  To purchase your tickets visit mylivinghope.ca/GLS.

I hope to see you at the Summit!

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