What to expect on day two of The Global Leadership Summit

This is second in a series of two posts about what you can expect at The Global Leadership Summit being held at Living Hope on October 20 and 21, 2016.  In the first post I talked about the speakers in day one and in this post I’ll focus on the speakers from day two.

Day two kicks off with a triple header of speakers.  First up is Chris McChesney of the Franklin Covey Group and author of The 4 Disciples of Execution.  McChesney begins by asking the question, “what do leaders struggle with more? Strategy or Execution.”   McChesney then goes on to describe the four disciplines of execution and give practical action steps to help you improve your execution.

GLS-Danielle_StricklandImmediately following McChesney is Erin Meyer, author of the Culture Map.  Meyer will identify and discuss the cultural differences and issues a leader faces in leading culturally diverse teams.  As Meyer spoke I found my self experiencing several ah-ha moments as I reflected on experiences I have had a realized why they turned out as they did.  We live in a global village, with the nations moving in next door everyday.  This session is helpful to anyone living and working in an culturally diverse setting.

The first session of the second day will wrap up with John C. Maxwell, leadership guru extraordinaire.  Maxwell begins his talk by saying that leadership is about lifting people and adding value to their lives.   “If you are a leader,” Maxwell says, “you have the ability to bless or curse people” so the question is are you intentionally lifting people up?  Maxwell will present five ways to live intentionally and lift people up.

At the end of the first session you’ll feel like you have been drinking from a firehouse and there are still three more sessions to go before the GLS wraps up.

After a coffee break, Bishop TD Jakes will be interviewed by Bill Hybels.  Jakes is considered one of the best speakers in the world, Time Magazine called him the best preacher in America.  Hybels and Jakes discuss a number of topics from discovering your passion to living out your talents and engaging our culture with the Gospel of Jesus to the race and social problems plaguing the world today.

Following the Jakes interview, Bill Hybels, Dr. Henry Cloud and Shauna Niequist will take the stage to discuss Leadership Illusions.  Three illusions are presented and leaders are invited to reflect on whether they have succumbed to these illusions.

After lunch the afternoon will kick off with Danielle Strickland.  Strickland is a senior officer with the Salvation Army working in the area of social justice, leading initiatives that reach out to the marginalized in the western United States.  Strickland will speak about bringing out what God has placed inside you and leading the way God intended.

Horst Schulze will take the stage next, speaking about creating an organization of excellence and efficiency.  Schulze is the CEO of Capella Hotel Group and Founding President of The Ritz-Carlton Group.  Under Schulze’s leadership The Ritz-Carlton Group was twice awarded the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.  When it comes to creating a thriving organization, this is the man to listen to.

The GLS will wrap up with Wilfredo De Jesus, Senior Pastor of New Life Covenant Church.  De Jesus wraps up the GLS by talking about staying the course as a leader, staying true to what we have been called to do.

In my opinion the GLS is best experienced with someone else, either a friend, family member or a team.  This year my son Liam and I experienced GLS 2016 together and after each session we would discuss what stood out and how it might change the way I lead.  In the past I’ve attended with a team and then spent time in team meetings discussing what we heard and how it might impact our organization.  If you are planning to be a part of the GLS at Living Hope, why not bring someone along with you. Together you can both take your leadership to the next level.

Tickets are on sale now through mylivinghope.ca/GLS.  The best rates ar available right now, but the early bird discount expires soon, so act now.  There are special rates available for students, teams and for those who are part of Living Hope.

I hope to see you this year at the summit!



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