Questions We all Wrestle With

This past weekend at Living Hope we started our new teaching series “The Real You.”  Over the next six weeks we’ll be looking at the book of Ephesians and what the Apostle Paul writes when it comes to questions like:

Who am I?

Where do I belong?

Why am I here?

In week one of our series I introduced ten questions we all wrestle with in life.  Each decade of life introduces a new question that we have to answer in order to grow in maturity.

  1. Who am I?
  2. What will I do?
  3. Who will I do it with?
  4. How do I manage all the expectations?
  5. How satisfied am I with life in general?
  6. What needs to change in the second half of life?
  7. How long can I keep on doing things that have defined me?
  8. How can I continue to contribute?
  9. How do I cope with loss? Obscurity?
  10. How do I prepare for dying?

Rev. Gordon MacDonald introduced me to this list in a lecture I attended at a Willow Creek Association gathering in November of 2015.  According to MacDonald, when we encounter one these questions it triggers a crisis of identity and faith.  Each decade we find ourselves having to choose again to trust and follow Jesus.

Which question(s) are you wrestling with?  How is the question impacting your identity and relationship with Jesus?

Why not spend time talking with God about the question that you are wrestling with and then listen for him to answer.  God chose you and he wants to talk with you about who you really are!


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