Something exciting is happening…and its just for women!

I’ve never done this before, written a post just for the woman of Living Hope, but there’s something I really want to tell you about and there’s always a first time for everything, right?

On November 18 and 19, 2016 Living Hope is hosting a weekend seminar/retreat just for women, called “Gifted and Called.”

The Gifted and Called weekend is an initiative of our family of churches and the idea of hosting one at Living Hope was presented to us last spring by Mandy Ralph. As soon as I heard about the weekend I knew that this weekend could help every woman who calls Living Hope home become what Jesus envisions…and I wished there was something like it for men as well!

Don’t take my word for it, though. Listen to what Mandy Ralph has to say about the weekend and why you should be a part of it:

“Gifted and Called is a seminar/retreat developed to help women identify their God-given gifting and calling. No matter if you’re in full time ministry leadership or new in your journey with God, we are all individually gifted by God to serve Him and live out that calling in our homes, churches, workplace, cities, and world. It’s a big idea, isn’t it? That we’re called by God, in our everyday lives, to love Him and love others.

Gifted and Called offers insights into how God has wired you, your personality and giftedness and how those work in tandem. It’s a time of encouragement, equipping, leadership training and full of practical tools like ‘True Colours’ and Spiritual Gift inventories. We’ll also look at Bible characters and see how they understood their calling and overcame their fears to fulfill that calling. Sound interesting?

So why should you come? Apart from all the great information I mentioned, (and the snacks and lunch) this is a great time to get to know other women better. Women from Living Hope, women in our city, and women from farther afield. I’ve talked to many women over the years, of all different generations, who have longed to know more about who God has created them to be. We learn better together, don’t we? It’s a time to be encouraged and equipped, no matter what your ministry situation. It’s about learning more about you and learning more about us, women who follow God and want to know the big dreams He has for us.”

Gifted and Called is taking place on November 18th and 19th at Living Hope Alliance Church. I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to make some connections, learn some great things, and find out more about who God has created you to be. A brochure is available for more information.

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