Looking back on the last six months at Living Hope

I just finished writing a mid-year update for everyone who has given to Living Hope in 2017.  Here’s an excerpt from the communique:

Over the last six months or so, the lyrics of a song kept coming to my mind:

“Anytime a heart turns from darkness to light
Anytime temptation comes and someone stands to fight
Anytime somebody lives to serve and not be served

God is on the move, on the move Hallelujah,
God is on the move, in many might ways

God is on the move, on the move today!”

(Written by Ian Eskelin, Mikey Howard, Cliff Williams, Tony Wood)

As I reflect on the last six months, I can honestly say that God is on the move.  God is on the move in the lives of six people who stepped into the waters of baptism.  God is on the move in the lives of young professionals who experienced a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit through the Holy Spirit Encounter weekend.  God is on the move in the lives of 12 teens who spent three hours sharing, confessing and interceding for each other before the throne of God. And God is certainly on the move in the lives of three people who have turned from darkness to light.

Each time I think about all the things that have been happening in our church I well up with emotion and am filled with incredible thanksgiving, because you and I get to be a part of all this.  I also find myself wondering where God will move next.  Who will have the next story to tell?

Where will the next story of life transformation come from?  Will it come from the two kids camps we are putting on this summer?  Will the next story come from an encounter at one of our Prayer Summits?  Will the next story come from our Alpha or Marriage Courses?  Will it come from The Global Leadership Summit?  Or maybe the story will come from one of our 15 groups that meet regularly to pray, study God’s word and grow as friends.

Included with the communique was an infographic that gives some of the statistical highlights from the last six months.

Looking back at the last six months makes me excited about the future.  God is clearly on the move and I’m looking forward to what he has in store for our Living Hope family in the second half of the year.

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